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    Monday 5/17
    Journal Response: Give me a short summary of your book so far. Tell me the general storyline of events, characters, etc. (10 lines or more)

    Tuesday 5/18
    Journal Response: Come up with 3 adjectives (descriptive words) that you would use to describe the main character in your book. What words would you choose, and explain your choices. (Each should be 2 lines or more).

    Wednesday 5/19
    Vocabulary Sentences: Use three of the following vocabulary words. Each should be in its own sentence, and the sentences do not have to relate. Please underline the word that is used in each sentence.

    Credence, Demure, Effervescent, Enamored, Flagging, Nemesis, Pernicious, Plausible, Reconcile, Superfluous.

    Thursday 5/20
    Paragraph Correction: Write the following paragraph as it is. Then find the 15 mistakes and correct them.

    Big Mouth and ugly girl is a novel by Joyce carol Oates. The story is about a girl who plays basketball and a boy who is a writter for the school newspaper The Rocky River Run. The girl Ursula and the boy Matt eventually get closer as they go through diffecult times in High School.

    Friday 5/21
    Journal Response: As a whole, how good was your book? Rate it on a scale from 1-10, with 1 being the worst book ever and 10 being the best book you’ve ever read. Explain your rating. (10 lines or more)

    Monday 5/10
    Journal Response: Simon has died, and there doesn’t seem to be any hope of rescue left. Where do we go from here? What do you think will happen in the last two chapters of the book? (10 lines or more)

    Tuesday 5/11
    Journal Response: Make your perfect LotF character. Take personality and physical traits from any of the characters you’d like in the novel, and tell me why those traits would help make an ideal character. (10 lines or more)

    Wednesday 5/12
    Journal Response: Now that the story has ended, what do you think about the story as a whole? Did you find the ending interesting or a let down? Explain how you feel. (10 lines or more)

    Thursday 5/13
    Journal Response: Do you think that Lord of the Flies will make a good movie? Why or why not? (10 lines or more)

    Friday 5/14
    Journal Response: How you like the movie so far? What do you like about it? What do you dislike about it? Explain your answer. (10 lines or more)

    Monday 5/03
    Journal Response: Do you think that your story would make a good Hollywood movie? Why or why not? (10 lines or more)

    Tuesday 5/04
    Journal Response: Imagine you were the main character in your book. What would you do differently? What would you do the same? (10 lines or more)

    Wednesday 5/05
    Journal Response: Compare a character from your book to a character from another book you’ve read. It could be a character from a book we’ve read as a class this year, or a book you’ve read on your own. How are those characters similar? How are those characters different? Explain. (10 lines or more)

    Thursday 5/06
    Paragraph Correction: Write the following paragraph as it is. Then find the 12 mistakes and correct them.

    Little brother is a novel by cory doctorow who is a author from London. The book is about a group of kids living in San francisco during a terrorist attack. The main character Marcus is a technological genius and he wants revenge on the department of homeland security.

    Friday 5/07
    Journal Response: If you were to choose the most important event in your book so far, what event would you choose? Why is that event so important to your story? How do you think your book would be different if the event didn’t occur, or happened in a different way? (10 lines or more)

    Monday 4/26
    Journal Response: If you could change anything about the story in your book so far, what would you change? Why would you change that? (10 lines or more)

    Tuesday 4/27
    Journal Response: What is the biggest problem in your book so far? Explain who is involved and how the conflict started. (10 lines or more)

    Wednesday 4/28
    Journal Response: What is the main setting of your book? Remember that setting is place AND time. How would the book be different if it were set in a different place, or during a different time, or even both? Explain. (10 lines or more)

    Thursday 4/29
    Paragraph Correction: Write the following paragraph as it is. Then find the 10 mistakes and correct them.

    The book Catalyst by Laurie Halse Anderson is a novel about a teen age girl named kate. She lives nextdoor to her enemy Teri. If You arent reading this book you should pick it up sometime.

    Friday 4/30
    What did you think about your assigned part of the literature circle yesterday? What part did you do? Was it easy or hard? Explain your thoughts. (10 lines or more)

    Monday 4/19
    Journal Response: Look at the book you have received about struggle. What is your first impression of the book? Explain what you’re thinking. (10 lines or more)

    Tuesday 4/20
    Journal Response: Tell me a little bit about your novel thus far. What has it talked about? Has anything important happened or been said? (10 lines or more)

    Wednesday 4/21
    Bell Ringer: Look in your novel and write down 3 words that you have encountered that are uncommon or you have never seen before. Write down the sentence where each word is found and tell me what you think it means.

    Thursday 4/22
    Journal Response: What do you like about the main character in your book so far? What do you dislike? Be thorough and explain your thoughts. (10 lines or more)

    Friday 4/23
    How did your first experience in this class with literature circles go yesterday? Explain how you feel with specific reasons or examples. If you weren’t here yesterday, tell me what you are looking forward to and/or not looking forward to about the literature circles to work with the novel you chose. (10 lines or more)

    Monday 4/12
    Paragraph Correction – Locate and correct the 13 mistakes in the following paragraph:
    Today is monday april 12 2010. It is the first day of the Week I can’t wait though until Friday the end of the week. I will be going to kings island with my Wife and are friends.

    Tuesday 4/13
    Journal Response: What would you do if you found out that you only had 6 months to live? Try to be specific. (10 lines or more)

    Wednesday 4/14
    Journal Response: Which is worse: having so much to do that you can’t do it all, or having nothing to do at all? Why? (10 lines or more).

    Thursday 4/15
    Journal Response: What do you think about Randy Pausch so far? Do you think that his message is interesting? What do you like or dislike about what he has said so far?

    Friday 4/16
    Fill in the blank: Complete the following sentences using the correct vocabulary word from our previous song, “Move It.” Write each sentence out and underline the word you put into the sentence.
    The painting at the art gallery was so __________ that I couldn’t believe my eyes.
    Even though he pays attention in class, Jeremy still can’t ______________ how he is supposed to balance equations in chemistry.
    Theodore was told if he had one more act of _____________ at school, he would be expelled for the rest of the year.

    Tuesday 4/6
    Paragraph Correction – Locate and correct the 14 mistakes in the following paragraph:

    Morgan, and samantha had a awesome time over spring break. When they came in to the building today they walked sad. They thought that nothing could cheer those up, until they herd that there would be free ice cream at lunch today. After waiting thru the first four periods of the day the to girls ran to the Auditeria and were the first in line to recieve a free nestle cruch ice cream bar.

    Wednesday 4/7
    Journal Response: What has been the greatest struggle in your life thus far? In other words, what have you had difficulty doing or difficulty dealing with? (10 lines or more)

    Thursday 4/8
    Collins Type 2: Use three of the vocabulary words from “Move It” correctly. Each word should be in its on sentence and the vocabulary word used should be underlined. The three sentences do not have to relate

    Friday 4/9
    Journal Response: What is the single greatest food ever? Why do think that is the best food there is? Try to be specific. (10 lines or more)

    Monday 3/22
    Journal Response: What is your favorite sport? Do you like playing that sport, or just watching it? (10 lines or more)

    Tuesday 3/23
    Journal Response: How much do you like to read? Do you have a favorite book? If so, what is it? Explain how you feel. (10 lines or more)

    Wednesday 3/24
    Journal Response: Which person did you find more interesting: Christopher Boone in our novel, or John Nash, in the movie? Why? (10 lines or more)

    Thursday 3/25
    Journal Response: What is your ideal job? Why do you think you’d like that job so much? (10 lines or more)

    Friday 3/26
    Journal Response: What are you going to do over Spring break? (10 lines or more)

    Tuesday, March 16
    Journal Response: How do you think that Christopher Boone would have done on the math test today? Explain why you think that using specific support and reasons. (10 lines or more).

    Wednesday, March 17
    Journal Response: What did you write about for the two essay response questions on the OGT writing test today? Be specific and tell me how they related to the question that was asked. (10 lines or more).

    Thursday, March 18
    Journal Response: What do you think about John Nash so far? If he is still alive today, do you think you would want to meet him? Explain why or why not. (10 lines or more).

    Friday, March 19
    Journal Response: How does it feel to be done with the OGTs? (10 lines or more)